Smaugust 2018 Part 2 + Secret Announcement

Hey Guys and Gals,

so this are the last few days of the August and i am actually happy that i don’t have to draw dragons for a while. Finally i can work on bigger and better stuff again. That is the problem with working a regular, normal job besides your artistry; you only have so much time.

Anyway. If you want to check out a bunch of Watercolor drawings and sketches i made for Smaugust, check my new Instagram Account.

I will rearrenge my Gallery next month and the Smaugust drawings will be compiled with the other drawings. You will see, it will be great.

Also, i have some else that pretty great. Some of my designs will be sold at the „Warsteiner Internationale Montgolfiade„. I worked together with the embroidery business „Deutsch„.  So check them out for some cool ballon-themed products.

That is all for now. Have a good week!


Smaugust 2018 Part 1


So i have been pretty much only Dragons this past week for the „Smaugust“. And while i love drawing them, it kind of keeps me from doing much of anything else. I try to squeeze time for me to work on my other projects, but the day has only so many hours. 24, in fact.

 I managed updated my tumblr-page to fit more the style of this website and i am working on a special little thing with a „local“ business. But i can’t talk about that yet.

For the time being have a little green dragon. More of them are coming.

Have a good weekend!