Upcoming Events + Twitch

Hey Guys!

I have not written anything on here in a while. But i had a good reason. The thing is i have been very busy…

First things first: I got myself a stand on two conventions next month! Yay! One is on the Coaket in Hamburg (10th till 11th August) and the NipponCon in Bremen(17th till 18 August). So come and visit me!

Second thing: I got myself a Twitch-Account and i started streaming almost regularly! Please visit my channel and follow me. I need to get that affiliate! I have a cute Dog-Cam! 🙂

Thats about it. No, wait. I uploaded a new Phoenix, check it out. I am very proud of it.

Alright, i gotta go, the Dog needs walking!

Cya around! Meet me at the Con’s! Reality is an illusion, buy gold! Byeeeeee!


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